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Print is NOT dead! Quite the opposite, in-fact.

While running effective digital marketing campaigns is essential to maintain and grow your business, the online and social media landscape is competitive, and hardly cheap.

So how do you reach and set yourself apart in the local market? Direct mail print magazines are a great option!

Broomfield Lifestyle is a luxury print magazine created to inspire local residents to live their best life right here in Broomfield. By partnering with best-in-class businesses, we create content, stories, and opportunities just for the families that live right here. We’re putting you, your business, and your message in front of locals that are most likely to stop by, call, or visit you online. We focus on helping you achieve outstanding ROI for your marketing efforts.

By sharing stories, news, events, and featuring local businesses that people WANT to hear about, we create a monthly publication that gets attention. Our 82% read rate proves it!

Broomfield Lifestyle has a fun, family-friendly vibe that is attractive and easy to read. It’s a direct mail magazine that families count on getting every month, right to their mailbox.

I enjoy meeting with local business owners, and if you’re reading this, then we should probably chat sometime soon.

Call anytime, or use this link to grab a spot on my calendar.

Justin Schierkolk
Owner and Publisher


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