Mental Health Partners


Non Profit Organization


Pandemic Reactions: Return to Normal Hesitancy
  • We will discuss (and normalize!) return to normal hesitancy, and discuss positive ways to cope with this new pandemic reaction.
  • Wednesday Aug 4, 2021
Supporting Older Children's Mental Health (Ages 10+)
  • Research will be presented on how COVID-19 has impacted older children and families.
  • Friday Aug 13, 2021
Working Through Compassion Fatigue: A Year of Being Tired
  • Let’s come together and talk about things that frustrate us, help us, and motivate us.
  • Tuesday Aug 17, 2021
Supporting Young Children's Mental Health (Ages 0-10)
  • The Kid Connects Team will join the Colorado Spirit Team to discuss stress relate to COVID-19 on young children.
  • Friday Aug 20, 2021